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        Public health insecticides
        Household products
        Mosquito nets treat
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        NanJing RongCheng New Building Materials CO.,Ltd.
        :86 25 52431141/51837706
        Fax:86 25 51837706
        Factory Address:Gucheng Industrial Park,Gaochun District,Nanjing
        Business Address:Shengtai Road 109#,10th Floor,Jiangning District, Nanjing,Jiangsu,China

        About Us
        Nanjing Rongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, registered capital of 500 million yuan, the National Development and Reform Commission of pesticides, health pesticides designated production enterprise, mainly engaged in the development of public health insecticides, production and sales.
        The factory covers an area of 11,000 square meters building area of 5600 square meters, including the production plant of 3000 square meters.
        Warm congratulatio... 11/20
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